Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Refusal to examine -- claim terms unclear

Refusal to Examine.
The Action declines to perform a prior art rejection on these claims as it is alleged that “it is unclear as to where exactly said transformations/operations are stored.” [Action page 5.] The MPEP states that only “where there is a great deal of confusion and uncertainty as to the proper interpretation of the limitations of a claim” is it proper to not “reject such a claim on the basis of prior art.” [Emphasis added.] Moreover “considerable speculation about the meaning of terms employed in a claim or assumptions that must be made as to the scope of the claims” is required to properly fail to provide a prior art rejection. [MPEP 2173.06, emphasis added.]
Here, the claim terms at issue are common terms explained and pictured in the Specification and Figures as filed. As only when “considerable speculation” is required about the meaning of claim terms, a rejection under 35 U.S.C. 103 is not proper, and as the claim terms at issue are easily understood, expressly pictured, arguably expressly described, and certainly implicitly described, in no way could “considerable speculation” be required to determine the meaning of the claim terms. Applicant thus respectfully requests that the next application not be made final, and that the next Action properly rejects the claims on the basis of prior art or find the claims allowable.

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