Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pointing out added language to differentiate asserted art

Language when you wish to point out added language

Claim 1 includes further distinguishing language. Finally, even if Taubin serendipitously organized by region, the claim includes further features, such as “sub-dividing the input mesh into plural sub-regions,” that are not found in Taubin. If the Examiner is relying on Taubin’s clusters as regions, Applicant points out that there is no plurality of refinement operations per cluster in Taubin. Instead, a cluster is simplified to a single vertex (See, FIG. 6 of Taubin).
Applicants have added the language “plurality of” to clarify that grouping involves more than one refinement operation. Similar language has been added to claims 31 and 40. Applicants find significant other differences between Taubin’s clusters and the recited arrangement, and amend the claims to clarify that the recited arrangement is fundamentally different from Taubin’s clusters.
The claimed arrangement is thus not inherent in Taubin, and the claims overcome the rejection.

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